Specializing in Black & Gray Realism, Watercolor, and Fine Line Work

o Yeon was born and raised in New York till age 6 then moved to Korea. Interested in drawing and watercolor painting since she was 10years old, she went on to study art abroad in Japan for 5 years.
So Yeon also studied Martial arts and also performed in the comic martial art performance ‘JUMP’
She came back to New York in 2010 and took a job as a taekwondo instructor. But ultimately wanted to get a job related to the art field. Taking a job at a tattoo shop in Queens as an assistant she soon became an apprentice. By 2012 she became a full time tattoo artist.

After traveling to Nashville, she loved the city and the people and decided to make it and Kustom Thrills Tattoo her new home.

You can just enjoy a tattoo without understanding it. A tattoo is a universal body art language.”