Saint Clark
Specializing in Black & Gray, Horror,Sci-Fi, and Portrait Realism

Chris Saint Clark…Published author, Reality TV star, Self proclaimed comedian, Front man musician, Business mentor and advisor, Children’s Hot Rod Kustom Kulture Innovator, and Freemason, all while maintaining a career as a well decorated 20 yr. veteran in the tattoo industry. Ask Chris Saint Clark how he got into tattooing and he’ll say, “Fast cars, fast women, and faster living.”  Though truth be told, he’s been an artist his whole life, tattooing saved Chris from a path of life’s destruction and set him on a path to becoming a mogul for positive art construction,

Chris Saint Clark honed his skills after high school through the Art Instruction Schools of Minnesota. Upon receiving his B.A. in Arts in 1992, he set off in search of a tattoo apprenticeship. After five years, tattoo legend Tony Olivas brought him in at Sacred Heart in Atlanta in 1997.  During those formative years, Chris worked closely with an impressive roster of artists. The events of 9/11 fueled Chris to join the state guard achieving the rank of 2LT. In 2003 he tapped into a philanthropic side and joined the Freemason’s, establishing a sense of community carried with him today.

2007 marks the year Chris moved to Nashville and opened his premiere tattoo studio in the heart of Five Points; Kustom Thrills. Since then, Saint Clark has travelled with his published book on black and greys, giving instruction to up and comers, appeared on Ink Masters, developed a comic book and clothing line for hot rod inspired kids, appeared at over 300 conventions in his 20 plus year career and has taken home over 100 awards for his artwork and tattooing.  His industry expertise has been quoted in various media outlets. His artwork is also published in several industry magazines, both online and print. .

A heavily laden motif of black and gray realism resonates from Chris’ work.  Concentrated on horror, sci-fi imagery, and portraiture.  He can be found on tour representing such industry leaders as H2Ocean, Eternal Ink, Tatsoul and now is on the advisory board for Find Me Ink. For More on Chris please visit http://theeastnashvillian.com/article/deeper-than-skin

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“Tattoos are very healing. They represent something to the bearer that words can’t express. They tell a story only that person knows.”