Specializing in Neo-traditional

Buffalo, NY native and Nashville local since 2007, Forrest Pollock enjoys working in the realms of neo-traditional tattoo. Forrest finds inspiration from the Metal and Blues music scenes as well as surrealist, classical and gothic painters, and comic art. At a young age, growing up in western New York State, Forrest excelled in his high school art classes. After a short stint in college and when art school seemed unappealing, Forrest found himself persuing music and moved to Nashville. A guitar player for more than 24 years now, Forrest has played the local Nashville scene and toured half the country before finding his calling in the medium of tattoo.

“In a world filled with so many ways to numb ourselves, I find tattoos a way to be reawakened. The pain a reminder you’re still alive. The art, a glimpse into the tattooers mind. Forever lasting.”