Ryan McDonald
Color Artist

Ryan began tattooing in 2009 in Cookeville, TN and joined the KTT family in fall 2012 working part time, 3 days a week. Specializing in American Traditional, he approaches classically inspired designs with a heavy use of black and a unique color palette. Having won numerous awards for his bold, conspicuous pieces, Ryan has been featured on Swallows & Daggers and numerous other sites!

Affectionately known to his friends and clients as Bacon, Ryan is a perfectionist and that is reflected in the immaculate tattoos and paintings he turns out daily. “I want to make really bold tattoos that can be recognized from across the room. Tattooing for me is like leaving my mark in the world and I’m so thankful for the people that want to have a part of that on them forever.” A zealous Volkswagen fan and collector, Ryan has had a fleet of beetles and vans and spends his free time working on and cruising in some fun dubs!

“There is an R.Kelly for everybody.”