Specializing in Traditional Japanese and Bold Color Work

Nathan came to us from Iowa and has been part of the KTT family for a year. He brings to the studio experience gained from owning 2 studios and tattooing across the country from Phoenix, AZ to Hawaii, Oahu and Maui. His strong love and fascination for asian influenced art began with the coloring books and items that came into his family through the adoption of his little sister. Nathan has a strong affinity for asian inspired art and tattoos, raising Italian Mastiffs with the help of his wife and daughter, and painting. Counting himself lucky to have had the opportunity to work and learn from some amazing artists, Nathan tries to keep the attitude of staying teachable and always eager to learn and grow. He enjoys tattooing traditional Japanese Imagery, as well as traditional Americana, but tries not to limit himself to just those two styles.

“If I ever stop learning, I feel I should stop tattooing.”